My data is confidential. Can I upload it anyhow?

Usually the raw image data itself does not hold the information, which make an image confidential. To deduce sensitive information about the depicted materials and products it is usually necessary to have detailed information about the context and the scale of the image.

Therefore, you can upload your data in anonymized form by stripping the data of its context (e.g. information about the materials and their origins) and removing all scale bars. Doing so makes it virtually impossible for others to associate the images with you or sensitive information about your material.

However, fortunately, this does not impede the use of the data for the training and validation of  image-based particle analysis methods, because they are usually pixel-based and do not care about the origin of the data. To facilitate the anonymous donation of data, the upload function of the BigParticle.Cloud does not store any information about you.

Without looking at the source of the image, can you answer any of the following questions?

  • Who produced the material shown on the image?
  • What kind of material is depicted?
  • How big are the particles on the image?
  • What might be possible applications of the material?
Transmission electron microscope image [bibcite key=Shalan.2018] (removed scale bar)
Unveil image source