How can I control how others will use my data?

Of course you can and you should define how others may use your data. After all, it is your data and you worked hard to produce it. The Creative Commons license model offers a very flexible way to do so. It is the license model also used for the images of Wikipedia and consists of four modules:

Creative Commons Overview
The four modules of the Creative Commons license model (source)

You can combine the modules to individually create the license which suits you best. Ranging from very restrictive licenses to very open licenses.

Creative Commons Spectrum
The full spectrum of Creative Commons licenses (source)

The easiest way to choose the most suitable Creative Commons license is to use the Creative Commons License Chooser. After you have decided which license you want to use, just add a text file with a small note to the archive you are going to upload to the BigParticle.Cloud or contact us. We will then add the appropriate license text to the archive for you.

Of course you are free to choose licenses other than the Creative Commons licenses. Click here to read more about the wide range of licenses you can choose from.