The goal of the BigParticle.Cloud is to provide a non-profit platform to share datasets of labeled images of particles. Such datasets are essential for the training and benchmarking of image-based particle analysis methods. Therefore, freely available datasets are of high value to the particle technology community.

Example of an image that could be uploaded to the BigParticle.Cloud
Example of an image that could be part of the BigParticle.Cloud (source)

By sharing your already labeled images you can support the development of new particle analysis methods. Said methods can then free you and others from the tedious work of labeling particles by hand. Additionally, others can credit you for making your data available, if you supply referenceable information along with your data. If you however wish to keep the details of the depicted material confidential, you can also strip it of the scale bars and upload it anonymously.

The BigParticle.Cloud offers easy ways to upload and download even big datasets. If you want to learn more about the reasons to share your data and ways to solve common problems, which prevent people from sharing their data, please refer to our FAQ.